I´m looking for a perfect nose.

I don´t think that it was a good idea to do a nose job, or at least think in me to do it. I think the nose is one of the structures which could evolucionate in the postoperative in a caprice way. the past has demonstrated us that with an aggressive surgery we could cause irregularities with a difficult treat.
Today the key is to be conservative.
Dr. Ortiz, Mexican plastic surgeon now deceased, world reference rhinoplasty said that he retouched 3 of each 10 own rhinoplasties. It´s right to look for the perfection, but the rhinoplasty must look for the naturalness and the harmony with the rest of the face.

I´m looking for an adequate nose with the rest of my face, a nose that anyone notice that is a nose surgery.

The rhinoplasty is one of the surgical techniques that have evolved in my specialty in recent years.

Do not forget these noses nothing in accordance with the rest of the facial structure, with the top up showing the nostrils. That belongs to the past of nasal surgery.
The concept is completely different. We must be conservative with the tissues, touching only what bothers and remember that the nose is not only in the middle of the face, it has its life, its movement, its expressiveness, is a dynamic entity.
If these two paragraphs have been fully understood, we can move to the third and perhaps get know in my consulting.

First visit . Who I asked for?

If you have references by friends or by your family this could be a good choose, if not it could be good to ask to different specialists. Make sure that your specialist is plastic surgeon, ask if he is member of the scientific societies of the specialty. The high level of the Spanish plastic surgeon is recognized in the whole world. The first visit is the most important. You have to speak honestly with your doctor. He needs to know what do you expect from the surgery. He has to be sure that your expectative with the surgery are going to be met.

Surgery planification.

If after the first visit you think that I'm the right person to perform your surgery, the next visit we have will resolve all doubts which have arisen from the previous visit, conduct a medical history, ask preoperative tests and organizing the previous visit with my anesthesiologist,

We´ll take some photographs and we made an anthropometric study with the rest of the face to analyze where must be done the surgery. All is explained in consulting, but I would not support show you computer programs, as would your nose is going to result.
It´s an uncover guarantee who nobody could offer to you. The tissues are alive and as such react, and more so the skin of the nose that should suit to its new cartilaginous structure.

Could we solve it without surgery?

antesdespuesBy the rhynomodelation we could change forms of the nose without surgery. We could modify the angles of relation of the nose with the forehead and the lip, and modify the nasal dorsum. We can also modify the chin for a more harmonious relationship with the nose. All I performed using autografts from the patient´s own fat. But Care! It looks very attractive solve a non pleasant nose without surgery, but you have to select the optimal case for this technique.

But not everything can be solved in this way. The rhynomodelation has the ability to resolve details in the nose.

The Preanesthetic visit. Essential.

A few days before, and with all the tests performed , you visited my anesthetists. Without his approval is not possible to proceed with surgical planning. Risks of the anesthetics are staggered from 1 to 5, 1 being the least risk and 5 the maximum risk. In our protocol of aesthetic surgery we only make the procedure if you have the risk minimum, otherwise we will have to suspend the surgery. We use in this procedure general anesthesia, it takes 45 minutes in a standard rhynoplasty. 

Expose your fears and doubts. This visit certainly get you much more calm the day of surgery.


The surgery is done in the Hospital Virgen de la Paloma (www.hospitalvpaloma.com) and the Hospital de la Santísima Trinidad (www.fhgst.es). An incision inside the nose is made in mucosal area, although sometimes in secundary operated noses or with deformities were united by a no visible incision in the middle (open rhynoplasty). From there we could work to modify de dorsum of the nose either increase or decrease if there is a osteocartil hump or bridge, modify the width of the nose, improve the breath and change the sizes of the top of the nose and its relation with the middle and upper thirds of the nose.

Very important!

There are several and very important aspects about the nose surgery.preguntasfrecuentes

First: Is the surgery which takes longer to stabilize, one year in front of the six months of other surgeries. Be especially patient with nasal tip.
Second: The skin must adapt to the new osteocartilaginous skeleton created. Sometimes the skin of the nasal tip doesn´t adapt enough and we cannot have this thin tip that we follow.
Third: Rhynoplasty doesn´t change the expression, and you wouldn´t be another person. You will be the same person but with a more harmonious nose with the rest of the structure of your face.

After surgery

You spend one day in the hospital. If we don´t have to touch the nasal septum at the time of discharge is removed the tamponade. It´s painless surgery, but you have to put a nasal splint and this take you out of the world during one week, until we remove it. Thereafter you can lead a normal social and work life without having to explain. The stitches are internal and should not be removed.

Each case is different. If you want personalized information you must request a consultation. the first consultation is free. The information under my point of view must be truthful, clear, honest and free. Then you will take your own decisions. We can only guarantee the best possible means and my experience to solve your case.


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