Body liposuction

Independent of being overweight or obese, which require medical treatment, lipodystrophy or accumulated and localised body fat alter the silhouette and body harmony and do not disappear after a weight-loss treatment.

This technique allows the permanent removal of accumulated, localised fat, reshaping the body and redistributing part of the fat, to slim and change your figure.


The surgery takes between 30 and 120 minutes. Anaesthesia is local with sedation. You may be at the hospital for a few hours or require a 24-hour admission. The scars are tiny, ranging from three to four millimeters, and easily hidden.


Recovery is uncomfortable during the first two or three days. You can resume your normal life in two to five days. You will have to wear a support garment for the first month and undergo lymphatic drainage massages.


Fat cells lose their capacity to multiply with age. If you control your weight, the results will be permanent. This procedure is not for losing weight, but rather for reshaping the figure.


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