Breast reduction

reduccion de mamasFor any woman, an excessively large and sagging bust can be as distressing as an excessively small one. The purpose of the procedure is to reduce and reshape the breasts, eliminating skin, breast fat and glandular tissue, not only to obtain smaller breasts, but also to increase their firmness and placement.


The surgery takes between 60 and 120 minutes. Anaesthesia can be local with sedation or general. A hospital stay of 24 hours is required. Depending on breast size, the scars may be periareolar, and may also affect the submammary crease. All suturing is done meticulously to leave the thinnest and shortest scars possible, but you should expect postoperative scars.


Recovery is uncomfortable in the first two or three days while you are wearing the gauze dressing; this is later replaced with a special bra, allowing you to resume your normal life in two to five days.


Depending on breast size, the operation can make breastfeeding more difficult. The scars will become less noticeable with time, but they will not disappear entirely.


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