Facial and body mesotherapy for rejuvenating the face, cleavage, backs of the hands and reducing accumulated fat

Different treatments can be used to eliminate cellulite, improve venous insufficiency and combat skin flaccidity. One of the most effective is, without a doubt, mesotherapy.

Facial and corporal mesotherapy consists in dermic infiltration with hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, vitamins and oligoelements. Its main advantages are its ability to add volume to tissues and to recontour the face.

Ageing and factors such as sun exposure and certain habits can diminish the concentration of hyaluronic acid present in tissues and, as a result, affect the structure and profile of the skin.

Thanks to this treatment, flaccidity of the face, neck, cleavage and/or hands improves, and extra hydration is provided to the skin. The number of sessions depends on the degree of skin ageing, although one to two sessions is typical. Mesotherapy can be applied to any area where it is needed. In the case of cellulite, for example, it will be performed where fat accumulates, mainly the "saddle bags", backs of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Anaesthesia is not required, the procedure is painless, and combining it with other treatments amplifies the results. Once the session is over, you can resume normal activities with no limitations.

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