Facial rejuvenation

We become aware of ageing by noticing a wrinkle or a spot one morning in front of the mirror, or by suggestion, when a friend, spouse or child makes a comment that reveals something that had been, consciously or unconsciously, outside of our concerns. There is no reason to fear ageing, it's really not so bad if you consider the alternative...

There are people who are old at 25, and people of 55 who are brimming with energy and vitality. To a considerable extent, we are responsible for our own ageing.

There are two types of skin ageing: chrono-ageing, due to the passing of time, and photo-ageing, due to exposure to the sun over the years.

Aesthetic medicine can offer different procedures for treating both with demonstrated effectiveness. Using the most advanced medical technology, peels, fillers, Botox, radio-frequencies and lasers, we can give the skin back its luminosity, texture and shine, mitigating the effects of the years and the sun, not manipulating it but rather preserving and restoring its natural beauty.

When you come to our clinic you can be sure you will be treated by the best specialists, using the most advanced methods, in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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