Treatments with botulinum toxin (Vistabel©) for expression wrinkles

Botulinum toxin is a highly purified natural protein that improves the appearance of expression wrinkles, giving the face a more natural and relaxed appearance.

For over 15 years it has been used in specialties such as Ophthalmology and Neurology in long-term treatments for children at doses 10 times higher than are used in aesthetic medicine.

In the U.S. it is the number one aesthetic treatment, with over six million treatments performed per year. Based on this experience, we can say that this procedure is very safe and gives spectacular results.

This treatment is performed in the doctor's office. Injection is done with a very fine needle directly into the affected muscle. The contraction of the muscle softens to the point that the wrinkles become significantly smoother and even disappear.

The smoothing effect of Botox is apparent after two days and starts to fade gradually at six months. If we repeat the treatment before the effects disappear completely, the results are longer lasting.

Each patient requires personalised study and a different injection dose for the rejuvenating effect to be evident and to achieve a natural and a relaxed facial expression.

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