Medical laser depilation

The clinic's medical-aesthetic laser platform allows us to remove hair rapidly and efficiently, regardless of photo-type, even in summer with tanned skin. It offers the most exhaustive range of hair removal applications available today.

The laser light beam produces selective heating of the hair follicle, eliminating it without affecting the surrounding tissues. Any area of the body can be depilated in this manner to remove all traces of hair in four or five sessions because of the way the laser affects the hair: hair follicles that are in their active phase (anagen) absorb the caloric energy, while those in their inactive phase (telogen and catagen) are barely affected. In the follow-up session 45 days later, the previously inactive follicles are now in their active stage and can be destroyed.

Treatment is rapid, safe, comfortable, usually painless, and without side effects or complications.

• Facial (upper lip, chin, between the eyebrows, entire face).

• Upper limbs (arms, fingers, hands).

• Armpits.

• Bikini line.

• Abdomen, areolas, back, white line (linea alba).

• Legs.

On your first visit to our clinic, we will inform you free of charge and prepare an individualised and guaranteed cost analysis based on assessment by a medical specialist.

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