Breast augmentation

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Is this the surgery that I want and that I need?

The breast augmentation is indicated in healthy women, emotionally stables, who have a small breast from their pubertal development, whom had an abnormal form of the breast, triangular or tuberous, it form is not in harmonic concordance with their height, shoulders and hips, or in women who had a good breast but after pregnancy or lactation their breast become empty and they fall.

First visit . Who I asked for?

If you have references by friends or by your family this could be a good choose, if not it could be good to ask to different specialists. Make sure that your specialist is plastic surgeon, ask if he is member of the scientific societies of the specialty. The high level of the Spanish plastic surgeon is recognized in the whole world. The first visit is the most important. You have to speak honestly with your doctor. He needs to know what do you expect from the surgery. He has to be sure that your expectative with the surgery are going to be met.


Surgery planification.

If after the first visit you think that I'm the right person to perform your surgery, the next visit that we have, we will resolve all doubts which have arisen from the previous visit, conduct a medical history, ask preoperative tests and organizing the previous visit with my anesthesiologist, and of course, talk about the breast size that you want.

Doctor, what´s the size that I must choose?

The size is very important, we suggest you to have an harmonious result with the rest of your body. In an attempt to expand, even more, the satisfaction of patients we have incorporated into our systematic work of the protocol for breast augmentation, the BodyLogic system, an innovative method to measure implants created by Mentor. This new system is designed to help you to choose the size of the breast implant that you want, considering anthropometric measurements of your body, your height, the perimeter of the shoulders and hips ... so that you can see, in situ, how will be your breast after surgery, not only the volume but also the diameter and its projection.

The Preanesthetic visit. Essential.

A few days before, and with all the tests performed , you visited my anesthetists. Without his approval is not possible to proceed with surgical planning. Risks of the anesthetics are staggered from 1 to 5, 1 being the least risk and 5 the maximum risk. In our protocol of aesthetic surgery we only make the procedure if you have the risk minimum, otherwise we will have to suspend the operation. We use general anesthesia during the surgery and it lasts 40 minutes. Expose your fears and doubts. This visit certainly get you much more calm the day of surgery.

About surgery

Surgery is done in the Hospital Virgen de la Paloma and in the Hospital Santísima Trinidad. A small incision is made in the bottom of the areola or in the armpit, from where, without touching the breast, there will be made a pocket behind the pectoral muscle to locate there the breast prosthesis.
After 40 minutes the small incision will be closed with two external points.
It is very important that the mammary gland wasn´t touched in order that the sensitivity would not be affected, or lactation would be compromised in the future.

Very important!: type of prosthesis and its position.antesdespues

First breast prosthesis were commercialized In 1962. From then until now they have a great success. The first prosthesis, were filled with liquid silicone and they had a single layer in the wall. They must be changed every 10 years because of the risk of rupture. Among them are the famous PIP prostheses. Today, cohesive gel prosthesis with a multilayer wall should not be changed.
Any misrepresentation in this field derives that the first prosthesis does not stopped making and they coexist in the market with the last generation prosthesis.
We have ALWAYS worked with silicone implants, and within these, only with rough cohesive gel prosthesis, either round or anatomical of the American brand MENTOR. Since 2005 they guaranteed by contract that if arises any problem of breaking the prosthesis during the life of the patient, they would be responsible for the cost of the new surgery.
As important as the type of prosthesis is where to place it. Always submuscular because muscle over the implant could difficult the future mammographic studies. Always the prosthesis must be placed behind the muscle.preguntasfrecuentes

After surgery

You have been a day entered. The first day you will be upset, more annoying at night because the muscle resting has more possibilities of contracture. The second day we removed the dressing and you could feel that the change is very important. You could wear a sport bra, and you can take a shower. The third and the fourth day you can drive, and depending of your professional activity you could go to work. Don´t take too much weight during the first week, the muscle could protest. After a week, your work an your social life should be running at 100%.
Each case is different . If you want information about your particular case, you should request a consultation. The first consultation is free. The information, from my point of view, must be accurate, clear, honest and free. Then you will take your decisions. We can guarantee the best ways an put all my experience to solve your case. More than 2600 breast surgery patients of came before of you. (information sources: hospital records).


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