Treatment of flaccidity and cellulite using the Velashape system

VelashapeTM, a cutting-edge device, is equipped with the state-of-the-art ELOS, which combines four technologies in one: Bi-Polar Radio-frequency, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum Massage and suction rollers, and is the first FDA-cleared device for the treatment of cellulite, skin flaccidity and circumference reduction.

This device is truly revolutionary in terms of technological advances applied to the treatment of cellulite and skin flaccidity, combining the effects of radio-frequency and infrared light energy with vacuum therapy and rollers.

Controlled radio-frequencies and infrared light penetrate fatty tissues, heating them and increasing capillary flow, liquid re-absorption and blood circulation to produce an immediate effect by shrinking and reshaping deep collagen and increasing thermolipolysis, the breaking down of fatty tissue. These techniques, combined with the mechanical manipulation of vacuum therapy and massage of the treated area, together eliminate cellulite, shrink tissues and destroy fat cells. The skin is left smoother, firmer and more compact.

Six initial weekly sessions are recommended, depending on the condition of the skin, with maintenance sessions every one or two months

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