CO2 laser rejuvenation

The CO2 fractional laser is the star treatment in facial rejuvenation.

The laser light energy, controlled by a scanner, is directed, in a multitude of micro-columns, at the dermis, where the skin's collagen fibres are located. The energy is absorbed in the form of heat, stimulating the formation of new fibres and tightening up existing ones, with a smoothing effect that eliminates wrinkles.

Treatment of the entire face takes 30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis; the use of an anaesthetic cream beforehand ensures that the treatment is a painless experience.

In this revolutionary treatment, each micro-column of light is surrounded by healthy skin so that recuperation is extremely rapid compared with traditional laser equipment; its flexibility allows us to complete treatment in several sessions with immediate resumption of normal life, or in a single session, requiring two to three days off work.

The CO2 rejuvenating laser offers extraordinary results for reshaping facial collagen and returning firmness to the skin. This new fractional laser makes treatments simpler, faster and more effective, eliminating wrinkles and skin flaccidity.

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