Women who have had large weight swings, or who have had several pregnancies, generally have flaccid skin on their abdomens, often accompanied by flaccidity of the underlying muscles of the abdominal wall. This surgery eliminates the surplus skin and abdominal fat, and corrects the muscular flaccidity, to obtain a flatter, firmer abdomen with a slim, defined waist.


The surgery takes 90 minutes. Anaesthesia is local with sedation, or general. A hospital stay of 24 or 48 hours is required. An incision is made at the pubis that extends laterally toward the hips. To prevent the skin from pulling toward the navel, this is detached from the surrounding skin, allowing it to emerge through an orifice in the newly stretched skin. Through the same incision, the stretched abdominal muscles are brought together to tighten the abdominal wall. Finally, the surplus skin is removed.


Recovery is unpleasant and uncomfortable for the first two to three days. You can resume your normal life after one week. You must wear a compression garment for a month and undergo lymphatic drainage massages.


It should be emphasised that dermolipectomy is not intended for losing weight, but rather to remove surplus skin and abdominal fat, and return normal tension to the muscular wall of the abdomen. Therefore achieving your ideal weight before the procedure is advised. The scars around the navel and on the lower abdomen will fade and improve month by month until scar maturation is complete. However, there is a great variation in the residual scarring, which depends, in part, on the degree of tension to which they are subjected, and the individual’s scarring capacity.


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