Protruding ears is a congenital condition affecting the auricular cartilage, which can be easily corrected surgically under local anaesthesia, leaving scars that are hidden behind the ears.


The surgery takes 45 minutes. Anaesthesia is local with light sedation. No hospital admission is required. The incision is typically made behind the ear, leaving a practically invisible scar. This incision allows us to reshape the cartilage of the ear by making it crease in the proper place, reduce the depth of the concha and remove surplus skin if necessary.


Typically a bandage is worn that perfectly shapes each part of the ear to allow it to heal in the correct position. Once the bandage is removed, wearing a headband for one to two weeks is advised to prevent the ear from bending forward during sleep.


The result of the procedure is permanent and does not change over the years. Rarely is there a need for retouching, and complications, both cutaneous and cartilage-related, are exceptional.


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