Medical physiotherapy

The word "physiotherapy" comes from combining the Greek words "physis", meaning nature, and "therapeia", meaning treatment. Thus, from an etymological standpoint, physiotherapy or "physis-therapeia" means "Treatment by Nature", or "Treatment Using Physical Agents".

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defined physiotherapy in 1958 as "The technique and science of treatment through physical means, therapeutic exercise, massage therapy and electrotherapy". If we consider the substantive or internal aspect to be the "Art and Science of Physical Treatment", we are talking about collection of techniques that cure, prevent, heal and readapt patients using physical agents.

Applied to aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy not only improves the results of cosmetic surgery and prevents adherent scars and irregularities in liposuction, breast enhancement and reduction, abdominoplasty, etc., but also, using the latest technological advances, reduces physical volume, improves skin flaccidity and combats cellulite.

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