Cosmetic surgery

cirujiaesteticaThe number of operations has quadrupled in just a few years, and the statistics indicate that this expansion is continuing. The methods and techniques are increasingly subtle, the results better, and the briefness of the recovery period, along with the relative absence of pain and the reduction in scarring, encourage more and more people to undergo an operation. And the possibilities of cosmetic surgery still haven't been fully explored.

Beauty is something individual; it can't be cloned. Two completely different looking women can be equally beautiful.

It's not possible to operate following a standard template, subject to the whims of fashion; beauty must never be allowed to turn into a dictatorship. More than create beauty, the question is to normalise and create harmony, the harmony of proportions, which contemplates the whole body. Cosmetic surgery is not just another consumer product. Not anything goes. The "I want everything" approach doesn't work.

As plastic surgeons, we must not forget that our profession is based on millimetres. And that it has an exciting future. We're heading for increasingly less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times. But our profession will only continue to flourish if it develops under the control of expert specialists.

Don't hesitate to ask for the information you need to make the best decision possible from different specialists.

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