Face lift

The passage of time, nutrition and daily habits produce wear on our faces, causing the loss of facial contour, accentuating the nasolabial fold, and causing the skin of the neck to sag.

The goal of this surgery is to restore facial contours by repositioning facial tissues. It’s not a question of tightening the skin, but of repositioning deep tissues in such a way that facial expression does not change.


The surgery takes two to three hours. Anaesthesia is local, with sedation, or general. A hospital stay of 24 to 48 hours is required.

The incisions in this procedure are made above the hairline and then continue along the cutaneous fold in front of the ear, around the ear lobe, behind the ear and along the hairline, or are made in the scalp. This approach allows the surgeon to reduce the accumulations of surplus fat and tighten the muscles that have become lax, to give the face a firmer appearance.


After the procedure you will probably have some bruising and swelling of the face, a sensation of tightness and possibly puckering in some areas of the face and neck. As the healing process progresses, your appearance will improve and in two to four weeks you will have a good idea of the final result. The majority of the scarring will be hidden by the hair above your ear or within the normal cutaneous folds.


If wrinkles and creases reappear over time, you can repeat the procedure. Don’t worry that it will change your facial structure; the goal is to return your appearance to what it was years ago. Specific complications are few if an expert performs the procedure, and are mostly temporary (haematomas, scarring defects, skin lesions, hair loss in the scar in the scalp, changes in eyebrow or lip mobility). The risks, statistically small, are amply compensated by the positive results of the procedure.


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