Sad eyes, tired appearance.
With the passage of time the tissues lose consistency and eyelids are not an exception.
The fat around the eye bulging lower eyelids, causing what is known as eyelid bags. In upper is added the skin laxity, which was just holding on lashes, completely erasing the upper eyelid, reducing eye opening and giving this characteristically sad eyes aspect.
All this adds to the brow falls on the upper eyelids and you lose cheek fat "extending" the length of the lower eyelid.
Remove the palpebrales bags That's it?
This concept is already outdated. Before yes. Not now. The evolution of my field leads to two fundamental concepts. Increasingly conservative and assess changes in a whole. There are not only the palpebral bags.
We must also analyze the eyebrows the malar area and its relationship to the eyelids. All studied together will make that the result of the periocular will be more satisfactory. But each case should be viewed particularly in consultation.


First visit . Who I asked for?

If you have references by friends or by your family this could be a good choose, if not it could be good to ask to different specialists. Make sure that your specialist is plastic surgeon, ask if he is member of the scientific societies of the specialty. The high level of the Spanish plastic surgeon is recognized in the whole world. The first visit is the most important. You have to speak honestly with your doctor. He needs to know what do you expect from the surgery. He has to be sure that your expectative with the surgery are going to be met.

Surgery planification.

If after the first visit you think that I'm the right person to perform your surgery, the next visit we have will resolve all doubts which have arisen from the previous visit, conduct a medical history, ask preoperative tests and organizing the previous visit with my anesthesiologist, and of course, talk about the breast size that you want.

The Preanesthetic visit. Essential.

A few days before, and with all the tests performed , you visited my anesthetists. Without his approval is not possible to proceed with surgical planning. Risks of the anesthetics are staggered from 1 to 5, 1 being the least risk and 5 the maximum risk. In our protocol of aesthetic surgery we only make the procedure if you have the risk minimum, otherwise we will have to suspend the operation. We use local anesthesia with sedation, so you do not have a real experience of surgery and lasts 40 minutes. Expose your fears and doubts. This visit certainly get you much more calm the day of surgery.

The surgery

antesdespuesThe surgery is performed in the Hospital Virgen de la Paloma ( and in the Hospital de la Santísima Trinidad ( In the upper eyelid is made an incision in the natural crease of the skin to make it hidden. From there you can treat the excess of skin, the excess of fat, the frown lines and the fall of the tail of the brow. The lower eyelid may not need a scar because it is made on the inside of the conjunctiva to remove excess fat from the lower eyelids.

Finally may need a volumetric adjustment with own fat to smooth the transition from the cheek and eyelid with a final assessment on lower excess skin and lower eyelid position.
There are many options because each case would require a different treatment, 40 minutes the incision is closed and after 48 hours the sutures are removed so that once the healing process may be imperceptible viewing.

One blepharoplasty for each patient

You could only touch the upper eyelid and you only need to remove the excess skin, or internal or medium inner bags, or also de fat retro muscular lateral (RDOF) which has fallen, or try also a slight ptosis of the eyelid, or even eliminate from the inside frown lines of the procerus muscle, or treat from the side drop the tail of the brow.

In the lower eyelid bags you could treat only the fat pockets from the inside eyelid, without scar, or completely eliminating surplus skin and treat tear through or nasolacrimal groove and reposition of the lower eyelid because it is too lax (back test), or shorten the transition eyelid - malar cheek because fat has been reabsorbed and displaced inferiorly.
Do not become crazy, this is our job and we will advise on the need for each case.

Very important: Being conservative and not change facial expression.

The evolution in this surgery has been this. To respect and observe the highest muscle units, not perform unnecessary tractions, fat and skin resections very conservative. The asociation with a CO2 laser several weeks later helped us so much in the treatment of the skin and this kind of concepts.

After surgery.

After the surgery you will stay at the Hospital during two hours. Then you could go to your home. The first day you will have feeling of tightness. There is no pain in this surgery. In order that the inflammation become less we´ll treat the first few days with cold and anti-inflammatory. The second day we remove the stitches. 4 and 5 day women could make up the eyes. At the week you can go unnoticed without explanation. After two months we will complete the treatment with a CO2 láser for the periocular wrinkles.

Each case is different. If you want personalized information you must request a consultation. the first consultation is free. The information under my point of view must be truthful, clear, honest and free. Then you will take your own decissions. We can only guarantee the best possible means and my experience to solve your case.


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