Ballancer pressotherapy system

Ballancer pressotherapy system

Technological advances have enabled a constant evolution in medical and aesthetic treatments, bringing new systems that are safe and effective.

Pressotherapy is a technique based on massage that helps to increase the circulation of retained fluids, improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues, and eliminating accumulated toxins.

The Ballancer pressotherapy system, the only pressotherapy system recommended and supported by medical research, is the latest advance in pressotherapy and is indicated for preventing or interrupting the accumulation of cellulite; reducing oedemas; shaping legs, arms, buttocks and stomach, and alleviating pain in lower limbs caused by pregnancy, obesity, water retention or cellulite. It also speeds up and complements the results of liposuction.

It uses a body mass reading to adapt and control the pressure, which is selected based on the volume of the limbs being treated. In addition, it includes a Pre-Therapy cycle amongst its five cycles, the only system on the market to do so, which opens ganglia from proximal to distal. The combination of these cycles makes it the perfect ally against cellulite, lymphatic oedemas, muscular stimulation, fatigued legs, and for pregnancy, menopause, pre- and post-liposuction.

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