The non-surgical facelift ULTIMATE, works with the technology of micro currents CACI, being a safety treatment, completely painless and magically relaxing.
These micro currents have over 20 years of research on medical treatments, getting the reaffirmation in muscles that have lost their tonicity.
The micro currents technology works by re-educating, toning and firming the muscles, smoothing expression lines and wrinkles, leaving a healthy appearance and firming the face and the neck, and giving a natural and rejuvenating glow.
These micro currents could introduce into the inner layers of the skin the different active principles, resulting in the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers, increasing the cellular permeability and causes a 500% increase in muscular ATP.
Results are visible from the first session, the lifting effect is immediate, but it will require between 10 an 15 sessions, according to each case, to have more visible and durable effects, these sessions must be two per week following a monthly follow up, to obtain fantastic results on a long term.
The non-surgical facelift ULTIMATE is perfectly combined with other techniques that we applied at the clinic like filled with hyaluronic acid, botox, chemical peels, Co2 laser etc.
With this treatment improves face, neck, chest and / or hands sagging and provides extra moisture to the skin.
The number of sessions depends on the degree of skin aging, although we usually performed between 2 and 10 sessions.


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