- I want to operate my nose, but I'm afraid that may be it looks artificial, unnatural.

A few years ago the concept of rhinoplasty was different. Almost always did everything to everyone. Patterns were always the same, in some faces right, but in others fatal. And the habit of touching the distal septum created a nasolabial angle so open, that operated noses were recognized several feet away. Today the concept is different. Adjusting the changes to the facial structure to make it harmonic and balanced with the rest of the face.

- Do I Call Attention? Do people will realize that I have surgery?

Do not tell anyone if you do not want to say it. Nobody will be able to suspect that your nose is operated.


-I want to be operated and I want the nose of this actress .... look!

Bad start. We can´t copy a nose in someone else. Structures that are played are many: skin, mucosa, muscle, cartilage, bone, tissue fibrofatty ... each is unique and all of them together can´t recreate someone else's nose. And nobody could assure you that this beautiful nose in this face, will show equal in other face with other anthropometric parameters. The nose must be adjust to the face.


- I have visited few specialists and they don´t agree. Each one told me a different thing.

How many things we could do with a nose!!! In a so little space!!! The years teach us to be more conservative. Less is more. Only the essentials. Lowered variables that can alter the initial forecast. Aggressive rhinoplasties were seen in the past and also its complications.


- Local Anesthesia or general aneshtesia?

We could work with local anesthesia. But I don´t like it if you have to work with the bone. If we have to break it the sensation for the patient, almost if it doesn´t cause pain is very unpleasant, because the bone can´t be infiltrated with local anesthetic. The patient is more undercontrol with general anesthesia.


- Could I go to my home this day?

You could do it perfectly, and its safe. In few hours you have metabolized all the anesthetics. But I don´t like it. I prefer that all my patients stay all the night attended by professionals at the hospital. And the next day... to your home.


- Do I have scars? Someone told me that it could be better the open surgery, someone told me that it could be better the closed surgery.

The closed rhinoplasty has the incisions inside of the nose. You do not see the stitches and they don´t have to be removed. In the open surgery there is a scar which go through the nostrils It is there but not see. Years ago I made as many open as closed. Before the doubt I made open because all the structures were exhibited better. today I made almost closed except the secondary and the highly asymmetric. The rest in my opinion, if they were made open is more in relation with the uncertainty than with the clearly exposition of the tissues.


- But how many rhinoplasties there? Every one speaks to me in different languages.

It´s truth! I told before that with the nose you could make many things. and each one of this things receive a denomination. Reduction rhinoplasty, enhancement, refinement, rebuilding, ethnic, aging, adolescent and finally the revision rhinoplasty, if after one year you like to change any detail...to read internet its a great way but I recommend you to speak with a specialist in order to he advice you properly.


- I travel from abroad to Madrid to operate. How much time I must be with you?

People come from abroad whom benefiting from programs noted in my web. They stay here one week, but they could go before perfectly. I prefer in this way, and also they could visit Madrid. In the rhinoplasty this has a reason, the tip of the nose is so damn and the pressurization of the aircraft swell the nose more, this could have consequences in the adaptation of the skin to the nasal cartilages.
In this surgery it´s not advisable to take a plane before one week.


- When could I turn to my work?

You can do a normal life the next day. But your aspect won´t be appropriated. A splint on the nose, possible bruising on the lower eyelid. To be adequate social and labor you have to wait one week.


- When could I play sports?

It depends on each case. Trying to generalize, at the week, except contact sports to avoid shocks in the nose.


- I don´t remember at what time I must be in the hospital.

Don´t worry, all the information about the hour, about the things you mustn´t take, about the dressing case, that you don´t have to be make up if you are a woman, that you don´t have to wear metallic, and the fasting period before surgery... I will remind you in the call that I make to you the previous day.


- I visit several times the doctor Martín Anaya but, after this, talking with my family and friends, I have doubts about what I want.

We must be fully synchronized in what I can give you and what do you want. If there is doubt and something is not well explained or understood, we must return to the query.


- Will it hurts me a lot after surgery?

It is a painless surgery. The first 24 hours may have a slight headache. What hurts is the soul when you look yourself in the mirror. One week. By removing the splint you will be presentable in any environment.